Look for us at Fairmont Park on Sunday mornings in August 2021!

Junior Entrepreneurship


To provide a venue, for children to have a real world business experience, in a supportive and safe environment. Entrepreneurship, is a path not lightly taken, as ideas come from the heart or extreme interest and passion. Taking an idea from infancy to a product ready to sell, takes work and  creativity. Along the way, skills are acquired, confidence is gained, and the process will have an impact on the rest of their lives.

How Do We Help 

Our staff will provide a shaded space along with tables to display your goods. You will have from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to sell your product(s). Parents, you know your child best and will know when it is time to go. The market has a wagon to help carry your items to and from your vehicle. We will provide marketing for you before the market, if you can provide us with a description of your item, along with photos, the story behind the business idea, and anything else that might be interesting to consumers.

Why Consumers and Vendors Choose Us

  • We highlight our farmers and make it easy for them to bring their produce to the public
  • They value fresh, local produce 
  • The market is a way to support the local community and reduce their carbon footprint
  • The market is a venue to interact with their community

A pitch/catchphrase: Think of customers as investors in your company and pitch them your company. Why should they be interested? What is it about your product that is unique (recycled, good for your health)? Do you have a target consumer, kids, families, young, old, etc.?

Think of a sentence that will get people to stop and look at your product. This “breaks the ice” and gives you a chance to engage them more in your product.

  • “Hi, do you like relaxing?” 
  • Do you enjoy trying new things?”
  • “Did you know indoor plants remove toxins from your home”
  • “I am 12 and I made these!”
  • “My mom made me do this!”

People that come to farmer’s markets enjoy and value getting to know the vendors they are buying from. Be prepared to let them know more about your product and your pricing.

Signage/Booth Display: Consider making a sign to catch customer’s eyes and give them information about your product. Choose a color and name that aligns with your product. Create a sign(s) that displays these characteristics. Make sure your sign will hold up to the wind and can be reused for future markets. Think of how you will secure your sign, tape it to the table, holes for hanging from the tent, or easel.

Keep it small: Don’t invest too much money on display items. Ask around to borrow items you can use to display your product. This will keep your initial costs low and you will have less to store after the market. Be creative and repurpose household items. Shop thrift stores for cheap and unusual items as well.


  • Be prepared for the weather with adequate clothes for comfort and protection
  • Display items such as: tablecloths, photos, demonstrations, baskets, hangers, etc.
  • Adequate cash and change. We cannot provide change for your transactions
  • Chairs
  • Food can be brought for your consumption or bought on the premises
  • Your “A” game!! Much of selling is about selling yourself. Get out there, show your face, have fun and let everyone know what your product is about.

Thank you for becoming a part of our Sugar House Farmer’s Market Family!!!